Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Loopy Loch Trail Race

Day 2 of the ‘Tour’ and I have to say I’m actually rather excited about this race, the Loopy Loch Trail Race, billed as a 6.5mile trail race around Lochore Meadows Country Park. This is one route I know like the back of my hand, the route itself was 2 anti-clockwise laps of the Loch, the opposite direction from what a few of us from the club use on a ‘normal’ Monday night as a training run straight from work to get it out the way, so I was going to try and make home advantage count – well as best I could anyway J

It was my turn to take the car tonight, so knowing Alexa wouldn’t be home from work in time to get ours, I borrowed by mum’s, quite handy when she works for the same company, she drops the car of and I take it home, just had to make sure I lifted my bike chain key for when I dropped it of again, didn’t really fancy hobbling down the road afterwards…

Kevin turned up at the house about half 5 straight from his work, quick change and a cuppa later we set of through to Lochgelly. The weather tonight was better for running I thought, it was a bit cool with a breeze coming of the loch too and having checked the map and seen the direction I knew we’d be heading out into a headwind. Anyway, headed out on a small warm-up, more to see how the legs felt and they felt fine so I thought ‘to hell with it’, I’ll just go for it, I know the route, turns, climbs etc if it means hanging on in the last mile then so be it….

The 1st mile was fast, 4 broke clear shortly after the start leaving a group of 4 or 5 including Brian (Fife), Iain (Carnegie), Pete (Portie) and myself. I slowly got dropped of the back and went through the mile in 5:44. I could still see the group in front but then another couple went by; mile 2 was 6:07 which included a gate! Round the far side of the Loch we went and as we approached the end of the Loch I knew I was gaining on Iain.

Over the bridge we went and started heading back to the start going through 3 in 6:03, you could hear the spectators cheering on those in front so it was good to go past them literally on Iain’s heels. Started the 2nd lap and he tucked in behind as we focussed on Portie Pete up ahead. Down the side of the loch again and through 4 in 6:02, the pace wasn’t letting up, then Iain went past, someone had got his 2nd wind J he set of in pursuit of Pete and I was now hanging on.

It did look like the gap was closing as we went through 5 in 6:21, but alas the legs were starting to fail. I knew what was in front and how long I had to hold on for, one bonus of a lapped race I suppose! Went through 6 in 6:29 before finishing in 38:53. Not bad over 6.33m. The finishing area was wide open so it was good to watch everyone finishing before hitting the showers, that did mean missing the ‘hardy’ souls having a water fight, sorry ‘a paddle’ in the loch…….

So, it’s the hill race next, not my favourite event, but as they say, in for a penny, in for a pound. See you all at Craigmead………..

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